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Oreshka seeds
European euonymus, or Bruslina (lat. Euonymus europaeus), or girzhemelina, proskurina, bruslina.

Deciduous shrub or tree from 2 to 8 m high. It has a powerful and highly fibrous root system.

The branches are bluntly tetrahedral or round, green, with brownish corky ribs, later grayish-brown. The wood is yellowish, usually whitens when exposed to air, has an unpleasant odor when fresh, is light and loose.

The buds are small, ovoid-conical. The leaves are oblong, 3-7 cm long, widest in the middle and slightly higher, 1-4 cm wide.

The inflorescence is a semi-umbrella with one underdeveloped middle flower, 2-5 flowers. Blooms in April - June.

The fruit is a four-lobed, drooping capsule 1.5 cm in diameter, broadly pear-shaped from a narrowed base, depressed at the end, 7-13 mm long, with blunt-keeled lobes, smooth, glabrous, first green, then pink-red.

Used to create groups, edges and hedges. Its branches with fruits are good in winter bouquets. A bright autumn accent. A wonderful plant in the undergrowth under a canopy of openwork crowns.

Wind resistant. Dust-, gas- and smoke-resistant, resistant in urban conditions. Heat-resistant, drought-resistant. Relatively resistant to pests and diseases, can be damaged by insects that form web nests. Produces root shoots. Regular pruning is recommended.

It is undemanding to soil conditions, but develops better on well-drained fertile loams with a neutral or slightly alkaline reaction, and tolerates temporary waterlogging of the soil.

USDA Hardiness Zone: 4 (-34°C to -29°C).
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