Euonymus europaeus 15 PCS fresh seeds, Spindle tree, European spindle seeds, Common spindle, Fusoria seeds, Deciduous shrub, Organic seeds

Oreshka seeds
Euonymus europaeus seeds, Spindle, European spindle seeds, Common spindle, Fusoria seeds, Deciduous shrub, Fusanum, Ananbeam, Shemshad rasmi (lat. Euonymus europaeus).

Shrub or tree, a species of the genus Beresklet (Euonymus) of the family Bereskletovye (Celastraceae). Deciduous shrub and tree with a height of 2 to 8 m . It has a powerful and strongly spongy root system. The bark of its roots contains gutta.

The branches are obtuse-four-sided or round, green, with brownish pubescent ribs, subsequently grayish-brown. The wood is yellowish, usually turning white in the air, fresh, unpleasant-smelling, light, loose.

The kidneys are small, ovoid-conical. The leaves are petiolate (petiole 2-15 mm long), oblong, ovate-elliptic or obovate, less often broadly ovate, (1.5)3-7 (11.5) cm long, widest in the middle and slightly higher, 1-4 (6.5) cm wide, wedge-shaped at the base, evenly serrated-sawed at the edges, with hook-shaped teeth, rounded at the top.

Inflorescence is a half-flower with one underdeveloped medium flower, once or twice spread-branched, 2-5-flowered, shorter or less often longer than the lower reduced leaf coverts of the branch, only the lower pair of inflorescence flowers come directly from the scales. Blooms in April - June.

The fruit is a four-lobed, drooping box 1.5 cm in diameter, from a narrowed base, wide-crushy, depressed at the end, 7-13 mm long, with blunt-keeled lobes, smooth, naked, first green, then pink-red.

Winter hardy. Medium shade tolerant, tolerates drought well. Life expectancy is high.
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