Kentucky Coffee tree 5 PCS fresh seeds, Gymnocladus dioicus, Kentucky Coffeetree seeds

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Canadian bunduk, or Gymnocladus dioecious, or soap tree, or Kentucky coffee tree (lat. Gymnocladus dioicus)

The tree has a wide, straight trunk covered with a fairly thick layer of bark. The bark has a grayish tint and is characterized by deep cracks. The trunk diameter can reach one meter. The crown has a pyramidal shape; under natural conditions, if the tree grows freely, the diameter of the crown can be even 8-10 meters in diameter. Bunduk grows up to 30 meters in height; individuals 15-20 meters high are more common. In the first 15 years, the tree grows 30 cm in height and 15-20 cm in width annually, then growth slows down.

Bunduk has unique leaves that cannot be found on any other plant. The shape and structure of the leaf is unique. The leaves have impressive dimensions: about 70 cm wide and more than 1 m long. The leaf is twice pinnate. Leaf color varies from pink to dark yellow depending on the time of year.

Bunduk blooms with large light yellow flowers with a delicate lemon aroma. The flowering period occurs at the beginning of summer and lasts up to 10 days. As for the fruits of this tree, they ripen in mid-autumn.

Prefers deep, fairly fertile fresh soil.

USDA Hardiness Zone: 3 (-40°C to -34°C).
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