Green Ash Tree 10 fresh seeds Fraxinus pennsylvanica

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Pennsylvania Ash (lat. Fraxinus pennsylvanica)

Tree 16–48 meters high. Older plants have gray or dark gray bark. Young shoots have a yellowish-grayish or gray color.

The buds are brown. The main stem of the leaf and the lower part of the leaflets are tomentose or glabrous. The leaves have 5-9 leaflets, 10-40 cm long. The leaflets vary greatly in shape, 4-13 cm long and 2-8 cm wide, located on short petioles or sessile, oval or oblong in shape, the apex is most often elongated, the edges are entire or with small teeth.

The flowers are wind pollinated and unisexual. The inflorescence is a panicle 5-20 cm long. The calyx is bell-shaped, with regular teeth, loosely pressed to the fruit, 2 stamens.

Grows near the banks of rivers and lakes. Pennsylvania ash is a less ornamental plant than common ash, so it is planted much less frequently in cities. Used in moist soils in northern regions where common ash is not able to survive due to frost.

It is less demanding on soil fertility than common ash, but more demanding on soil moisture. Tolerates temporary flooding, as well as slight soil salinity. Less drought-resistant than common ash.

USDA Hardiness Zone: 4 (-34°C to -29°C).
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