Green Ash Tree 10 fresh seeds Fraxinus pennsylvanica

Oreshka seeds
Northeast of North America. Deciduous tree, 12-18 m in height. The crown is ovate or oval, delicate, sometimes unequal. The bark is wrinkled, dark gray or brown. Shoots densely pubescent to felt, light gray or brownish, with whitish lentils. Leaves up to 30 cm long, complex, non-pinnate. Leaves in the number of 5-9 pieces, more often 7 pieces, 7-15 cm long, oblong-lanceolate or narrowly oval, with a wedge-shaped base, with a thin pointed tip, whole-edged or in the upper part of the leaf is unclear and uneven, finely and sharply Pilate, glabrous above, olive green, with a depressed middle vein, weakly or densely pubescent on the veins, sessile or on very short petioles. The rachis of the leaf grooved, pubescent. Plants are dioecious. Flowers are only bisexual, small, collected in lateral inflorescences, emerging from the axils of leaf scars on last year's branches. Female inflorescences in long, loose, drooping panicles up to 10 cm long, male flowers are collected in short bundles. Lionfish 2.5-4 cm long, spatulate-back-lanceolate, with an insular tip. The seed nest is half the length of the entire lionfish or slightly shorter. It blooms in may, before the leaves appear, and bears fruit in August and September. Frost-resistant to minus 34 °C. In culture since 1783. There is a variety of var. lanceolata-Pennsylvania lanceolate ash: tree up to 25 m high, shoots glabrous, bright green, leaves narrowly lanceolate, glabrous, pubescent only on the middle vein from below, bright green on both sides, in culture since 1824, widely distributed.
The DIVISION of angiosperms – Magnoliophita
Dicotyledonous CLASS-Magnoliopsida
The Olive FAMILY is Oleaceae Hoffsgg.
GENUS Ash-Fraxinus L.
Life form Shrubs and trees
Plant height of 12-18 m
Flowering time May
Light-Loving Light
-Loving Drought-Resistant Moisture-Loving
Durability No
Growing zone in the Russian Federation southern, Central Chernozem, Central
Need for shelter for the winter No
Cultivation is possible only in protected ground No
The degree of distribution of Rare
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