Deren white Elegantissima, Cornus alba Elegantissima 30+ PCS fresh seeds

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Deren white Elegantissima (lat. Cornus alba Elegantissima)

A large, spreading shrub with decorative leaves and shoots, reaches 3 m in height and the same in width. The annual increase in height and width is 30-40 cm. Durability is more than 50 years. The bark is red. The crown is thick. The leaves are 4-8 cm long, elliptical, pointed gray-green with a creamy-white border, yellow, orange-red in autumn.
Flowering is abundant in May-June, the flowers are white, collected in inflorescences with a diameter of 3-5 cm. The fruits are bluish-white, ripen in September. Spectacular red shoots, especially bright in winter. Beautiful foliage in summer has a whitish-gray color; in autumn it is red and dark purple; in summer the foliage goes well with red shoots, especially decorative in winter against the background of snow and dark conifers.
The white derrick of the Elegantissima is very hardy, heat-resistant, shade-tolerant, tolerates the conditions of the city well. Prefers light fertile soils. It tolerates alkaline soil and temporary flooding well. It is propagated by seeds, layering and cuttings. The white Elegant turf looks good in single and group plantings, as an undergrowth under the canopy of trees with an openwork crown. It is exceptionally effective as a fringe and in the undergrowth of birch groups. It gives a powerful color accent, it is recommended for every garden and park.
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