Osmanthus 10 PCS fresh seeds, Tree seeds

Oreshka seeds
Osmanthus (osmanthus).

Evergreen shrubs and trees with a height of 2-12 m. in a natural environment. In garden culture, Osmanthuses are usually no higher than 3-4 m. when kept in a container, they grow up to 1 m.

The shrubby form of growth prevails among the representatives of the genus. The root system is powerful, branched, and develops quite quickly. The stems are thin, covered with a creamy-green bark, which then turns dark brown.

The crown is dense, rounded, compact. The arrangement of the leaves on the branches is opposite.

The leaves are oblong or ovate, whole, toothed or sharp-toothed. The surface of the leaf blades is dense, leathery. The color of the leaves is reddish at a young age. As they mature, they turn bright green or dark green with a white border.

The inflorescences are corymbose, located axially. They appear in spring, summer or autumn. The flowers are tubular, up to 1 cm long. The color is snow-white. The fragrance exuded by the flowers resembles Jasmine.

The fruit is an elliptical drupe 10-15 cm long, with one seed. The shell of the fetus is dense and rigid. The color varies from dark blue to purple.
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