Acer ginnala 10 PCS fresh seeds, Amur maple seeds, Riverine maple, Ginnala maple

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Riverine maple or Ginnala maple (lat. Acer ginnala)

A species of trees of the genus Maple (Acer) of the Sapindaceae family. It is a small deciduous maple, which is sometimes used in decorative gardening or for landscaping streets.
Riverine maple is a deciduous prostrate shrub or small tree reaching 3-10 m in height, with a short trunk up to 20-40 cm in diameter and thin straight branches. The bark is thin, dull gray-brown in color, smooth at first, shallowly cracked in old plants.
The opposite leaves are simple, 4-10 cm long and 3-6 cm wide, deeply cut palmate, with three or five lobes, with two basal lobes (absent) and three large apical lobes; the leaf blades are roughly and irregularly serrated, the upper side of the leaf is shiny. In autumn, the leaves turn shades from orange to red. The petioles of the leaves are straight, 3-5 cm long, often with a pink tinge.
Blooms in spring, simultaneously with the opening of the leaves, the flowers are yellow-green, 5-8 mm in diameter, collected in outstretched brushes.
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