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Ailanthus altissima
Syn.: chumak, Chinese ash, toxicodendron tall, Chinese elderberry, paradise tree, god tree, vinegar tree, stinker.
Ailanthus maximus is a deciduous long-lived tree that has an unusual, palm-like appearance, can grow and bear fruit for up to a hundred years. An essence made from young shoots, flowers and young bark, or a tincture made from mature fruits, is used in homeopathy and Tibetan medicine.
The highest ailanthus is a tree with a height of 20-25 meters (sometimes there are individuals and 35 meters in height). The trunk is cylindrical in shape, no more than 50 centimeters thick, covered with thin light gray bark with rare small notches.
Young trees have a wide - pyramidal openwork crown, old trees have a spreading-tent-shaped crown. The life span of the tree reaches in some cases up to a hundred years.
Ailanthus leaves are complex, non-pinnate, resembling palm leaves. They are very large, sometimes reaching a length of up to 60 cm, and in small-sized specimens they can be up to 1 meter in size. They consist of about 25 ovate-lanceolate small leaves, bluish in color, up to 12 cm long, with two or four large teeth located at the base.
Chinese ash flowers are small, bisexual and staminate (male), yellowish-green in color, in large inflorescences, 10-20 cm long. Male flowers have an unpleasant smell. The peak of flowering falls on June - August. Sometimes ailanthus re-blooms in autumn, but the peduncles are very small.
The fruit is a small reddish-brown lionfish, about four centimeters long.
The birthplace of the highest ailanthus is considered to be Northern China. In Russia, this plant is widely distributed in the south of the European part: in the Krasnodar and Stavropol territories, in the Rostov region, on the territory of the North Caucasus republics, in Novorossiya. It grows well in the cities of Ukraine, in the Crimea it is widely used for landscaping of populated areas. It is found in Volgograd and Astrakhan, but freezes in open and unprotected places.
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