Quercus castaneifolia 5 PCS fresh acorns seeds, Chestnut-leaved oak, Oak seeds, Сhestnut oak seeds, Chestnut oak acorns, Green tree seeds

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Chestnut-leaved oak, Oak seeds, Сhestnut oak seeds, Chestnut oak acorns (lat. Quercus castaneifolia).

Deciduous tree, a species of the genus Oak (Quercus) of the Beech family (Fagaceae). A tree up to 25-40 m tall, with a slender trunk with a diameter of up to 160 cm, with smooth gray bark on young branches, dark, deeply cracked on the trunks, with a wide tent-shaped crown in single trees.

Young branches are covered with dense yellow-gray pubescence, one-year-olds are almost naked. The buds are ovate, sharp, with reddish-brown, pubescent scales, surrounded by long (up to 1.5 cm long), linear, densely pubescent stipules.

The leaves are similar to the leaves of the seed chestnut (edible), wedge-shaped at the base, rounded or slightly heart-shaped, elongated-obovate or oblong-elliptical, 10-18 cm long, 4-8 cm wide, with a triangular, sharp terminal blade, along the edge with 10-12 large, sharp, triangular teeth.

Acorns are 2.5-3.5 cm long and up to 2.7 cm wide, 2-3 times longer than the pluses. The development of acorns occurs during one or two growing seasons. Acorns that develop over two growing seasons ripen in September, and developing over one year - in October - November. Fruiting is abundant: more than 1,500 acorns on a tree aged about 100 years.

Grows fast, lives up to 350 years. Frost-resistant and shade-loving, drought-resistant, but in severe drought it sheds leaves.
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