Betula pendula 1000+ PCS / 10000+ PCS fresh seeds, Betula verrucosa tree, Silver birch, Russian weeping birch

Oreshka seeds
Hanging birch (lat. Betula pendula), or warty birch (lat. Betula verrucosa), weeping birch, hanging birch.

A plant species of the genus Birch (Betula) of the Birch family (Betulaceae). Birch hanging in favorable conditions can reach 30 meters in height. It has a well-developed root system, but it is not very deep. Therefore, the tree suffers a lot from strong wind.

Young trees are very similar to alder, but with age they acquire the features of birch. The leaves are small, but they create a beautiful crown with branches hanging down.

During flowering, the birch throws out small catkins, which are seeds. They ripen by the end of summer, when the dense green catkins dry out and turn into dry small leaves. Birch is a light-loving tree species and grows in temperate climates. The features of the root system require constant watering.
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