Platanus orientalis 200 PCS fresh seeds, Oriental sycamore tree seeds, Oriental plane, Platanus tree

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Oriental plane tree (lat. Platanus orientalis), or plane tree.

A woody plant, a species of the genus Sycamore (Platanus) of the Sycamore family (Platanaceae). A tree with a height of 25-30 m, in some cases up to 50 m, with an uneven, knotty, most often going to the very top, a powerful trunk with a diameter of up to 12 m.

The bark of the trunk is light gray or greenish-gray, falls off with large thin scales that expose spots of a lighter inner layer of white or yellowish-gray bark.

The leaves are mostly five-, rarely seven-lobed, and on young shoots occasionally three-lobed, 12-15 cm long, 15-18 cm wide, truncated or broadly wedge-shaped at the base, rarely broadly heart-shaped.

The fruits are thickened to the tip, pubescent over the entire surface with stiff pressed hairs, with a conical tip turning into a straight, bare column about 4 mm long.

Oriental sycamore is a favorite shade tree. Eastern sycamore grows well on strongly alkaline soils. Tolerates smoke in large cities.

It is most suitable for single plantings in gardens, parks and squares, as well as for creating large shady alleys and street plantings. It reaches colossal size and exceptional longevity.
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