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Acacia silver mimosa (Acacia dealbata).

An evergreen fast-growing tree with a height of 10-12 m (at home up to 45 m) with a spreading crown. The trunk is 60-70 cm in diameter. The bark of the trunk and branches is gray-brown to brown in color, with a large number of shallow cracks, from which gum often protrudes. Young branches are olive-green. The branches and leaves of the plant have a light gray-green coating, for which this acacia was called silver.

The leaves are alternate, twice pinnately dissected, up to 10-20 cm long. They consist of 24 pairs of gray-green, small, elongated leaves of the first order. Each leaflet of the first order has up to 50 pairs of oblong leaves of the second order with a width of about 1 mm. The main petiole of the leaf at the base is somewhat swollen; on the upper side of the main vein of the leaf at the base of the leaflets of the first order there are round glands that secrete honey liquid during flowering.

The flowers are grayish-yellow, very small, odorous, collected 20-30 in spherical heads with a diameter of 4-8 mm; the heads are collected in racemes, which in turn are collected in panicles. The calyx is bell-shaped, five-toothed. The corolla is five-lobed; the petals are broadly lanceolate or ovate, pointed. Stamens are numerous, free, on long yellow or orange filaments, protruding far from the corolla. Pistil with an upper single-nest ovary, a long column and a small stigma. The column, like the stamens, is strongly protruding from the corolla.

Acacia fruits are flat, oblong, elongated-lanceolate, blunt, light or purple-brown beans 1.5-8 cm long and 0.8-1 cm wide, with separate nests. Seeds are very hard, dark brown or black, flat, matte or slightly shiny, elliptical, 3-4 mm in size.

The wild and hardy silver acacia blooms from the end of January to the middle of April. The tree bears fruit in August - September.
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