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Red oak, or red oak (lat. Quercus rubra), or holly oak, Canadian oak, or northern oak.

Species of the genus Oak of the Beech family (Fagaceae). This species is included in the red oak section. A mature tree reaches 25 m in height. The tree is slender, with a dense tent-shaped crown. The trunk is covered with thin, smooth, gray bark; in old trees the bark cracks. It has a well-developed root system that grows deep. Young shoots are reddish-felt, annual shoots are reddish-brown, smooth.

The leaves are deeply notched, thin, shiny, up to 15-25 cm, with four to five pointed lobes on each side of the leaf, reddish when blooming, dark green in summer, lighter below, scarlet-red in autumn, before falling, in young trees, in older ones they are brownish-brown. It blooms simultaneously with the leaves blooming.

Acorns are spherical in shape, up to 2 cm, red-brown, as if chopped off at the bottom, ripen in the fall of the second year. Fruits steadily and abundantly from 15-20 years. Acorns do not germinate until spring, so squirrels often hide them for the winter.

Moderately light-loving, easily tolerates lateral shading, but prefers full illumination of the crown top. Wind-resistant, not very demanding on soil fertility, even withstands acidic reactions, but does not tolerate calcareous and wet soils.

Resistant to pests and diseases, including powdery mildew. Susceptible to leafminer. Has high phytoncidal properties.

USDA Hardiness Zone: 3 (-40°C to -34°C).
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