Cercis siliquastrum 20+ PCS fresh seeds, Judas tree, Judas-tree, Pink flower, Cercis seeds, Gainier silicastre, Deciduous tree,Organic seeds

Oreshka seeds
Cercis siliquastrum fresh seeds, Judas tree, Judas-tree, Pink flower, Cercis seeds, Gainier silicastre, Deciduous tree,Organic seeds (lat. Cercis siliquastrum).

Juda tree-deciduous shrub or tree of the Legume family, which retains its decorative appearance throughout the year. These unique plants can be found in the Mediterranean, Asia, and North America. The leaves are heart-shaped with smooth edges and raised veins on the surface attached with petioles and arranged on the branches spirally. The soft green shade of the leaves darkens by mid-summer, and in autumn it becomes yellow, purple. The life span of the plant is from half a century to 70 years. The cercis tree reaches a maximum height of 18 m. In the first year, its branches are covered with a reddish smooth skin. In young shoots, it is olive-brown or grayish, and on adult branches and trunk it becomes rough, becomes black-brown. The trunk often grows curved, as if curling. Shoe-shaped pink flowers are collected in dense brushes or bunches. The flowering period is at the end of April-May and precedes the opening of the leaves. After the purple flower blooms, clusters of pods up to 10 cm long are formed, which hang on the tree until the next spring. The fruit is flat, the surface is glossy, the inside contains 4-7 oval dark brown beans. Surprisingly, the first couple of years of life, the aboveground part of cercis almost completely dies off during the cold season. The Juda tree grows slowly, only by the age of three will a powerful root system form and the first buds appear. Full-fledged lush flowering should be expected around the 5th year, when the crown becomes quite thick. Such an exotic can be grown in the open ground on the territory of the middle zone of Russia and even to the north. Three of the ten species (Cercis canadensis, cercis occidentalis, cercis europensis) can withstand a temperature drop to the range of 29-34 °C with a minus sign. In indoor conditions, you can grow a miniature bonsai tree. Scarlet is light-loving, but is able to get used to a weak shadow. The main thing is that the soil is well-drained, slightly alkaline reaction. To plant cercis, avoid lowlands and flooded areas. The first 3-4 years, the growth of cercis is no more than 20 cm, but after a couple of years,the height will be 1-1. 5 m. Also, do not be surprised when in the 1-2-th year of development on the eve of cold weather, the aboveground part dies off. Bees collect nectar from the fragrant flowers of cercis for laying honey. Scarlet wood is an excellent material for carpentry. The bark has antiseptic properties and has long been used by folk medicine of the East. The leaves contain flavonoids that help in the fight against tuberculosis.
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