Acer platanoides 10 PCS fresh seeds, Norway maple, Shade tree,Acer seeds, Sugar maple seeds, Maple tree, Deciduous tree, Green tree seeds

Oreshka seeds
Norway maple, Shade tree,Acer seeds, Sugar maple seeds, Maple tree (lat. Acer platanoides).

A species of the genus Maple (Acer) of the Sapindaceae family. Deciduous tree with a height of 12-28 m with a wide, dense spherical crown. The root system is superficial, in adult specimens up to 95% of the roots are concentrated in the humus horizon. Large skeletal roots do not extend beyond the crown projection.

The bark of young trees is smooth, gray-brown, darkens to almost black with age and is covered with long, narrow, intertwining longitudinal cracks.

The branches are strong, wide, pointing upwards; brown or reddish-gray, with a terminal (apical) green or purple kidney in the form of a turban with large renal scales.

The leaves are simple, long-shaped, opposite, with 5-7 serrated, large-toothed blades, pointed, glabrous at the ends of the blades, up to 18 cm in length. In the upper part they are dark green, paler from below, turn yellow or orange in autumn and then fall off.

The flowers are fragrant, glabrous, bright, yellowish-green, collected in a shield of 15-30, appear in the first half of May before and during leaf blooming. Holly maple is a dioecious plant, that is, male and female flowers usually bloom on different trees. Pollinated by insects. Blooms in mid-spring for about 10-15 days.

The fruit is a double wing, splitting into two single-seeded non-opening fruits, with two long (3.5-5.5 cm) wings diverging at an obtuse angle or almost horizontally, which are capable of carrying the seed a long distance.

The first 3 years it grows quite quickly, the annual growth of a young tree sometimes reaches a meter, it begins to bear fruit after 17 years. It lives in nature for up to 150 years.

Prefers moist, fertile, well-drained soils. It is sensitive to low nitrogen content, saline soils and stagnation of moisture. It grows poorly on sandy, clay or lime-rich soils.

Shade-tolerant, but gradually loses this quality with age. Winter-hardy, tolerates fairly low temperatures.
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