Magnolia grandiflora 5 PCS fresh seeds, Southern magnolia, Bull bay, Evergreen tree, Large-flowered magnolia, Magnolia tree seeds

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Magnolia grandiflora, Southern magnolia, Bull bay, Large-flowered magnolia (lat. Magnolia grandiflora).

A species of flowering plants belonging to the genus Magnolia (Magnolia) of the Magnoliaceae family. An evergreen tree up to 30 m tall with a thick, straight trunk with a diameter of 120-135 cm. The crown is broad-pyramidal, leafy. The bark is gray or light brown, 1-2 cm thick.

The leaves are oblong, obovate or narrowly elliptical, pointed, whole-edged, with a wedge-shaped base, smooth, leathery, large, 12-25 cm long, 4-12 cm wide, glabrous above, dark green, brown below, reddish, short pubescent, sometimes glabrous.

The flowers are single, apical, large, reach a diameter of 25 cm, milky white, with a strong intoxicating smell.

The fruits are cone-shaped, rusty-pubescent, ovoid or ellipsoidal multi-leaves 7.5—10 cm long. The seeds are shiny, ellipsoidal or triangular, (2-6 in each fruit) with a red fleshy seed peel, when ripe they hang on long ovules (a conductive bundle), serve as food for birds.

Flowering — from May to September, single flowers - from October to November. Fruiting - from October to November.

It is successfully used in green construction to create groups, alleys and for single plantings.
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