Acer campestre 40 PCS fresh seeds, Field maple, Hedge maple, Common maple, Dog oak, Acer seeds, Maple tree, Green tree seeds, Organic seeds

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Acer campestre seeds, Field maple, Hedge maple, Common maple, Dog oak, Acer seeds, Maple tree, Green tree seeds (lat. Acer campestre).

A species of trees of the genus Maple of the Sapindaceae family. Deciduous tree up to 15 m tall with a dense spherical crown (rarely a shrub).

The root system is superficial, the roots are cord-shaped, smooth, dark brown, go to the sides for 3-5 m, with a well-formed cluster and racemose lobe. The main mass of the roots is located in the upper layer of the soil 0-35 cm. The roots easily fuse with each other.

The trunk is straight or slightly curved, up to 60 cm in diameter, covered with thin, brownish-gray bark with longitudinal cracks. Young shoots are yellowish-brown, thin, sometimes winged from cork growths.

The buds are ovate, up to 5 mm long, with 6-9 olive-brown scales, white-crenulate at the edges. The leaves are opposite, usually five-lobed, rarely three-lobed, dense, sit on a petiole 5-13 cm long. The blades are blunt, whole-edged or with few blunted teeth. The upper side of the leaf is dark green or light green, slightly shiny, and the lower side is lighter, light green, finely pubescent or only with beards in the corners of the veins. In autumn (in October), the leaves acquire a golden yellow color.

The flowers are yellow-green, with a massive nectar disk, bloom almost simultaneously with the unfolding of the leaves, pseudosexual - pistillate and staminate on the same plant. Pedicels are short-shaggy. The sepals are oblong-elliptical, hairy on the outside and along the edges. The petals are narrower, lobed, hairy along the edge.

The fruit is a winged 2-3.5 cm long and about 1 cm wide, with horizontally outstretched wings, sometimes crescent-shaped curved. Blooms for 10-15 days in April-May after the leaves bloom, bears fruit in September-October.

Relatively drought-resistant, withstands slight salinization of the soil. Demanding of soil fertility. It does not withstand stagnant moisture. It is more thermophilic and drought-resistant than the holly maple. Tolerates the conditions of the city well, is durable.
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