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Petiolate pyramidal oak Fastigiata, or English pyramidal oak (lat. Quercus robur Fastigiata)

Narrow-columned variety of oak petiolate (Latin Quercus robur). The pyramidal petiolate oak reaches 8.5 m in height. The diameter of its trunk is 20 cm, the diameter of the crown is 3 m. The branches grow upwards at an angle, forming a thick, dense crown. They start from the place of vaccination. Some trees have a loose, wide-pyramidal crown. The leaves of the pyramidal petiolate oak are dark green, dense.

The plant is frost-resistant. It grows slowly. Prefers moderately moist, fresh, loose soil. Drought-resistant. Does not tolerate waterlogging.

The pyramidal petiolate oak does not need pruning, as it has a pyramidal crown. To preserve its attractiveness, it is necessary to cut dry branches. It is propagated by oculation and copulation.

It takes root well in lighted, protected from the wind places. Its roots go to a great depth and, meeting groundwater, form many side branches. Its top dries up at the same time. Therefore, it is important to protect the oak from excess moisture at home.

The tree is used for landscaping parks, alleys, creating hedges. Oak petiolate Fastigiata looks great both in group and single planting.
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