Cotoneaster bush 30 PCS fresh seeds, Cotoneaster lucidus seeds, Shiny cotoneaster, Hedge cotoneaster

Oreshka seeds
Brilliant dogwood, Cotoneaster bush (lat. Cotoneaster lucidus)

A straight-growing deciduous shrub up to 3 m tall, with densely pubescent young shoots of the current year. The crown is 1.5 times larger in diameter than the height, formed by straight shoots growing in all directions. The annual growth is average.

The leaves are elliptical to ovate, pointed, 1.7-5 cm long, 0.8-3.5 cm wide, dark green, shiny, glabrous from above; first pubescent, yellowish-felt from below, later almost glabrous, yellowish. With the onset of autumn, the color of the leaves becomes dark brownish-reddish.

Inflorescences are loose, corymbose racemes, 5-12-flowered. The sepals are broadly triangular, 2.5-3 times shorter than the petals. There are twenty stamens, three columns, up to four. Small pinkish flowers during flowering are located in a variety over the entire surface of the shoots, and because of them, the leaves are almost invisible. Flowering begins in May - June and lasts for a month.

The fruits are black, shiny, spherical in shape, with brown-red flesh, 7-9 mm in diameter, with three, rarely two bones. The fruits ripen in late September - early October, they stay on the plants until the onset of frost. The first fruiting is in the fourth year.
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