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Ash-leaved maple, or American maple, sorny maple (lat. Ácer negúndo) is a deciduous tree, a species of the genus Maple of the Maple family (according to another classification system — the Sapindaceae family), native to North America. (According to Grossheim (1936), the ash maple — Acer negundo belongs to the relics of the ancient Mediterranean flora of the hyrkanian floral center, and is now represented in the Caucasus by the Asia-Mediterranean group of species).
Deliberately introduced to Europe in the 17th century. In Russia (Saint Petersburg, Imperial Botanical garden, also Moscow) grows since 1796. In the XIX century, it was possible to breed ash maple from seeds obtained from Canada. Already in the 1920s, it began to be observed self-seeding in natural conditions.
Currently, in Russia, the ash maple is an invasive species, a naturalized introduced species. It is widely distributed, has left the parks and entered the native vegetation cover. It is a threat to biological diversity. Its ability to form multi-tiered thickets faster than other breeds makes it difficult to renew native species. Due to its very high ecological plasticity, it is one of the most aggressive woody weeds in the forest zone of Eurasia (a parasite weed)
The presence of this maple leads to significant changes in ecosystems, up to the complete displacement and disappearance of native species, and the deterioration of the food supply of animals, including large ungulates. World and domestic experience has shown that without a scientific basis and carefully planned coordination of efforts, ash maple is essentially indestructible by traditional methods that are effective for most trees and shrubs (cutting, sawing).
Other names found in Russian — language literature are "California maple" and "negundo maple". Often mistakenly referred to as "ash". According to the doctor of agricultural Sciences, Professor A. I. Koltunova
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