Betula papyrifera 100+ PCS fresh seeds, Paper birch tree seeds, American white birch, Canoe birch, Silver birch, Winter hardy perennial

Oreshka seeds
Paper birch tree seeds, American white birch, Canoe birch, Silver birch, Winter hardy perennial (lat. Betula papyrifera).

A plant species of the genus Birch (Betula) of the Birch family (Betulaceae). Deciduous tree of medium size, 20 m in height and trunk diameter up to 1 m, with an irregular-wide-cylindrical crown and thin branches. Individuals younger than five years old have brown bark with white lentils. In the adult state, the bark is white or pinkish, brighter than other birch species, covered with very long (up to 20 cm), yellowish or brown lentils, exfoliated by thin horizontal plates. Young branches are pubescent, with sparse resinous glands, greenish or light brown, with paler lentils, later the branches become shiny dark brown and almost or completely bare. The root system is superficial.

The buds are small, narrowly ovate, pointed, flattened, spaced from the branches, sticky along the edge of the scales, green in color, brown at the edges. The leaf arrangement is another one. The leaves are oval or ovate, 5-12 cm long, 4-9 cm wide, sharp or pointed, the edges are bicuspid, with a rounded, wedge-shaped or, rarely, truncated base, covered with hairs in youth, later glabrous, dull green, on thick, pubescent petioles 1.5-3 cm long.

The pistillate catkins are 2-8 cm long and about 1 cm in diameter . The bract scales are 5 mm long, of which the middle lobe is narrow, elongated-elliptical, somewhat longer than the wide-rhombic lateral ones, deflected to the sides.

The ripe fruit consists of many small winged seeds packed between the covering leaves of the earrings. Dispersal occurs gradually throughout the fall and winter. The fruits ripen by the end of summer.

It is characterized by rapid growth — by the age of 10 it reaches a height of 7 m .
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