Phytolacca acinosa 50 PCS fresh seeds, Laconosa berry, Phytolacca seeds

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Laconosa berry, or Laconosa boneberry (lat. Phytolacca acinosa) is a herbaceous plant of the Laconaceae family (Phytolaccaceae).

The plant can be referred to under different names: Laconose grape, Laconose multi-fruited, Laconose edible, Phytolacca boneberry, Phytolacca edible.

A perennial herbaceous plant with woody flowers reaching a height of 2 m, a fleshy rhizome weighing up to 10 kg and a dense spherical crown.
The bark of many laconiuses has a reddish-purple or green color. The flowers are bisexual, with 5 sepals, white or greenish-white, elliptical or oblong, 3-4 mm in size, stamens and peduncles 7-10.
He is unpretentious in care, quietly winters under the snow, is able to recover even after the harshest winters. In spring, it rises very quickly, sometimes drowning out the growth of nearby plants. Berries appear closer to autumn.
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