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Catalpa the beautiful (lat. Catalpa speciosa)

Catalpa the beautiful is an ornamental, tall, frost-resistant plant. The trunk is straight, covered with dark brown bark. The leaves of the catalpa are large, as are the flowers.

Catalpa is a beautiful bright representative of the genus Bigoniaceae. This is a fairly tall tree up to 30 meters, it is enveloped by a thick crown in the form of a wide pyramid.

The leaves appear quite early in comparison with their relatives. During flowering, catalpa produces creamy-white flowers that emit a very pleasant aroma.

The flowers form wide panicles in which the seeds ripen. In the form of a fruit, an oblong, cylindrical box protrudes. It is very similar to pea pods. The seed looks slightly flattened.

The tree grows very quickly and belongs to frost-resistant plants, easily copes with drought. For rapid development, it is recommended to plant the tree in moist, fertile soils. 

Thanks to its qualities, catalpa has found its place in the landscaping of the city limits, parks, alleys. It can be planted independently, or it can be added to large compositions.
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