Syringa amurensis 20+ PCS fresh seeds, Amur lilac tree, Manchurian lilac seeds, lilac tree

Oreshka seeds
Amur lilac (lat. Syringa amurensis)

A multi-stemmed shrub or tree up to 10 m, less often 12-15 m tall and 20-30 cm in diameter.
The bark is dark gray or brown, with well-marked white transverse lentils. Young shoots are red-brown.
The leaves are 5-11 cm long, green, ellipsoid-heart-shaped similar to the leaves of ordinary lilac.
Inflorescences are large broad-lobed up to 20-25 cm long and up to 20 cm in diameter. The flowers are white or slightly creamy, small 5-6 mm in diameter, with a strong odor. Blooms in late June - July. Flowering lasts 2 weeks.
Lives up to 90-100 years. Propagated by seeds, layering, growth from the stump and root offspring. One of the most frost-resistant and drought-resistant lilacs. Tolerates urban conditions well.
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