Quercus mongolica 5 PCS fresh seeds acorns, Mongolian oak, Green oak tree seeds, Oak with acorns, Organic seeds

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Quercus mongolica fresh seeds acorns, Mongolian oak, Green oak tree seeds, Oak with acorns, Oak seeds, Organic seeds (lat. Quercus mongolica).

A tree, a species of the genus Oak (Quercus) of the Beech family (Fagaceae). A tree that reaches a height of up to 30 m in favorable conditions, near the northern border of distribution, near the seashore and in the mountains is rarely higher than 10-12 m, sometimes has the form of a shrub.

The old branches are dark brown, not pubescent, the young ones are brownish-green, not pubescent, ribbed-tubercled.

The leaves are elongated-obovate with a length of 8-15 cm and a width of 5-9 cm, with blunt and whole-edged blades, dense, glabrous or finely pubescent from below along the veins.

The bark of the young on the trunks is smooth, "mirrored", on old trees — thick, cracked.

The kidneys are ovoid, sharp. The leaves are dense, like parchment, almost sessile or on a short petiole, elongated, obovate or inversely oblong-ovate, tapering to the base, with seven to nine, sometimes with 12 blunt lobes, 10-16 cm long, 4-8 cm wide, not pubescent on the upper side, bright green, light green on the lower and rarely pubescent along the veins.

The fruit is an acorn, almost sessile, one or two at the ends of the branches, ovoid, 1.5 cm long, 1.3 cm thick, with a hemispherical, slightly downy pluska covering the acorn.

It grows on various soils, with the exception of swampy, waterlogged and flooded by floods. It grows slowly. Lives more than 350 years. Withstands temperature drop to -50 ° C.

In light-loving it is second only to birch and aspen, it does not tolerate top shading, lateral shading adjusts it in growth and contributes to the purification of branches and the better formation of the trunk and its fullness. Wind-resistant.
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