Quercus robur 10 PCS fresh seeds acorns from Siberia, European oak, English oak seeds, Pedunculate oak, Summer oak, Oak tree

Oreshka seeds
Petiolate oak, or summer oak, or common oak, or English oak (lat. Quercus robur), Quercus robur acorns for planting from Siberia

A large, usually highly branching tree with a huge crown and a powerful trunk. It reaches a height of 20-40 m . It can live up to 2,000 years, but usually lives 300-400 years. Growth in height ceases at the age of 100-200 years, the increase in thickness, although insignificant, continues throughout life.

The crown is dense tent-like or broadly pyramidal, asymmetrical, spreading, with strong branches and a thick trunk. In young trees, the trunk is irregular, cranked, with age it becomes straight and cylindrical.

The leaf arrangement is regular, at the top of the branches in the form of bundles. The leaves are oblong, oblong-obovate, narrowed or heart-shaped downwards, often with ears, blunt or notched at the top, pinnate, large, with four to seven lobes, hard, almost leathery, dark green above, shiny, yellowish or green below, with strongly prominent lighter veins, glabrous on both sides, with short petioles up to 10 mm long, always falling off in winter. The blades are blunt, rounded, the cutouts between them are shallow.

The flowers are bisexual. Flowering begins in trees aged from 40 to 60 years, along with the opening of leaves - usually in May. The plant is monoecious.

The fruit is a nut (acorn) glabrous, brownish-brown (1.5-3.5 cm long and 1.2-2 cm in diameter), on a long (3-8 cm) peduncle. The acorn is placed in a saucer, or a cup-shaped bowl - plus (0.5-1 cm long). The fruits ripen in September - October.
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