Symphoricarpos albus 15 PCS fresh seeds, Snowberry, Common snowberry seeds, Waxberry

Oreshka seeds
White snowfowl, or brushy snowfowl (lat. Symphoricarpos albus), Snowberry

Deciduous shrub up to 1.5 meters high with thin shoots. The leaves are opposite, ovate or oval, whole-edged, up to 2-5 cm long. On the upper side they are green, naked, on the lower side they are glaucous and slightly pubescent.

The flowers are small (0.6 cm in diameter), with a bell-shaped 4-5-lobed pink corolla, collected in dense racemes in leaf axils. Blooms from May to September.

The fruits are spherical, up to 1 cm in diameter, white, with two pits inside, inedible. Ripen in September, do not fall off for a long time. Propagated by seeds and root offspring.

The white snowbird endures harsh winters and easily experiences a drop in temperature to -35 ° C.
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