Acer pseudoplatanus 10 PCS fresh seeds, Yavor maple, Maple tree seeds

Oreshka seeds
Yavor maple, white maple, or false-platan, or pseudo-platan (lat. Acer pseudoplatanus)

A large deciduous tree, reaching 20-35 meters in height, with a wide domed crown.
On young trees, the bark is smooth and gray, but with age it becomes rougher and flakes off with scales, showing the inner layers of the bark from pale brown to pinkish in color.The leaves are opposite, 10-25 cm long and wide, with a 5-15-centimeter petiole, palmately lobed, with serrated edges, dark green; some cultivars have leaves of a purple or purple or yellowish hue.
Honey plant. The flowers produce pollen and nectar in abundance, giving fragrant, mild-tasting, pale-colored honey.
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