Tabebuya yellow 25 PCS fresh seeds, Tree seeds

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Tabebuya yellow (Tabebuia chrysotrica).

In nature, it is a deciduous tree, reaching 80 cm in diameter and 12 m in height. One third of this height is usually the trunk, and two thirds is the crown with long branches. The crown of the tree is large, spherical. The leaves are non-pinnate, 5 to 8 cm long, elliptical in shape, with slightly serrated edges.

The bark is brownish gray, hard and hard to separate. The wood has a pleasant yellowish color, without knots, extremely durable and heavy. It contains a lot of tannins and is therefore very resistant to the environment, water and the sun.

The flowers are bright yellow, funnel-shaped, with a short neck and large petals. After flowering, large pods with seeds are formed. Tabebuya, grown from seeds, blooms at the age of 1.5-2 years.

It is used as a honey plant, as well as as an ornamental plant in landscaped gardens, public squares and on boulevards because of the expressiveness and bright coloring of flowers. Widely known and popular, this tree is the national plant of Paraguay.

It is easily formed by pruning, can be grown as a bonsai. A plant that is not demanding in care.
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