Paulownia hybrid 9501 200+ PCS / 5000+ PCS fresh seeds, Hybrid Paulownia Fortunei x Paulownia Tomentosa, Foxglove, Fast growing tree, Paulownia tree

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Paulownia hybrid 9501 fresh seeds, Foxglove, Fast growing tree, Paulownia tree (lat. Paulownia Hybrid 9501 hybrid Paulownia Fortunei x Paulownia Tomentosa).

Paulownia 9501 is a hybrid between the species Paulownia Feltosa (Paulownia Tomentosa) and Paulownia Fortuna (Paulownia Fortunei). In its characteristic it is very similar to Paulownia ShanTong.

The main purpose of breeding when breeding this hybrid was to obtain such qualities as cold resistance and growth rate. This hybrid is characterized by the direct growth of the stem and the narrow shape of the crown of the tree. The narrow shape of the crown allows you to grow more trees per hectare.

In just 2 years, under good environmental conditions, the tree reaches a height of about 6 m. Therefore, the tree can be cut down very quickly to obtain wood.

Paulownia hybrid 9501 wood is of high quality. The first flowers appear after 2 years on the tree.

This is a promising and fast-growing hybrid of Paulownia. Drought resistance up to +45 °C. Frost resistance up to -28 °C.
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