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Jacquemont 's birch (lat. Betula jacquemontii)

Deciduous tree up to 25 m tall with white bark and short-pubescent, sometimes resinous-glandular shoots. The leaves are green, ovate, wedge-shaped or rounded at the base, somewhat leathery, equipped with glands on the inside, arranged alternately. In autumn, the foliage turns yellow or golden yellow. The petioles of the leaves are pubescent. Inflorescences - bearing cylindrical catkins, up to 1.2 cm long, sit on long pubescent legs. The bract scales have oblong lobes, the middle lobe is longer than the rest. The fruit is a winged nut. The Jacmon birch blooms in the first half of May, the fruits ripen in September.
The Jacmon birch is propagated mainly by seed method, since cuttings are difficult.
The seeds of the Zhakmon birch are sown in spring or autumn. In the first case, the seeds are pre-stratified at a temperature of 0C for two months. Seeds are stored poorly, they quickly lose germination, so autumn sowing is preferable. Seeds are sown directly into the ground or in special greenhouses. Crops are regularly and abundantly watered, and for the winter they are mulched with humus or a thick layer of fallen leaves. Transplanting the formed seedlings to a permanent place is carried out after they reach a height of 40-50 cm.
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