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Horizontal dogwood (Latin Cotoneaster horizontalis).

A shrub with dense foliage and a widely spreading crown with a diameter of up to one meter. At maturity, the plant reaches 70 cm in height. A slow-growing evergreen variety. During the year, its growth is ten centimeters in height.

At the end of May, the bush blooms with small bright pink flowers. The flowering period lasts only 3 weeks, after which fruits of a rich red color appear on the shrub, reaching six millimeters in diameter, which decorate the dogwood until next year. They are very well preserved, have an excellent decorative appearance, but are unsuitable for food.

The culture is light-loving, but resistant to drought, cold, grows in megacities. The plant winters well under snow without shelter.

It is undemanding to the soil, but develops better on well-drained loams with a slightly acidic or neutral reaction. Does not tolerate stagnant waterlogging of the soil.

USDA Frost Resistance Zone: 5 (-29°C to -23°C).
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