Physocarpus opulifolius 100 PCS fresh seeds, Ninebark seeds, Eastern ninebark tree seeds, Organic seeds

Oreshka seeds
Eastern ninebark (lat. Physocarpus opulifolius)

Also physocarpus is a viburnum. Shrub up to 1.5—3 m high. The branches are drooping.
The bark is brown or brownish, peeling off with age. From the kidneys down the shoot there are well-marked ribs. The buds are oblong-ovate, brown, 4-6 mm long. The core is wide, brown; the wood is white.
The leaves are round-ovate or round-elliptical, up to 4 cm long, with 3-5 blunt lobes, of which the average is larger. The edge of the leaf is saw-toothed. Leaf blades are green above, lighter below. Golden in autumn.
The flowers are white or pink collected in convex corymbose inflorescences. Blooms in June-July.
The fruits are multi-leafed, collected from 3-5 leathery swollen leaflets, with up-standing lobes of the calyx.
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