Viburnum spirea 100+ PCS fresh seeds

Viburnum spirea, also known as viburnum pemphigus or meadowsweet, is widely used in landscape gardening. It is beautiful and undemanding to the growing conditions.
The bush is spreading, the shape of the crown is spherical. There are a lot of branches, they droop and make the bush thick. The bark is yellow, it flakes off on old branches.
The leaves are relatively small, 3-5 lobed, with small teeth, up to 7 cm in size. They are a little similar to the leaves of Viburnum vulgaris, as its name suggests. The color of the leaves depends on the variety and can be almost any of the possible: from light green, yellowish, to burgundy, scarlet, orange. In winter, spirea sheds its leaves.
Spirea viburnum blooms in late June. During this period, the bush is covered with large inflorescences-umbrellas up to 5 cm in diameter with small flowers, white or pink. The diameter of the flower is only 1 cm. The stamens are red-brown, large. They make the inflorescence fluffy. The bush pleases with flowering for three weeks. By autumn, red fruits are formed in place of the flowers. Over time, they acquire a brown hue. The fruits are bubble-shaped leaflets that burst when pressed, making a pop. This is very popular with children, and they are happy to play with the fruits of spirea. The bush looks very decorative all year round: in summer, at the time of flowering, in autumn and winter.
The wood is strong, moderately resistant, yellowish, without a core. The annual rings are clearly visible. Spirea viburnum grows for about 50 years. Therefore, after planting it on the site, you can not care for several decades about what to decorate it with to make it noticeable.
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