Caragana arborescens 20 PCS fresh seeds, Siberian pea tree, Yellow acacia seeds, Siberian peashrub, Siberian Acacia seeds

Oreshka seeds
Caragana arborescens (lat. Caragana arborescens), or gorokhovnik, gorokhovik, Siberian acacia, pea acacia and yellow acacia.

Deciduous shrub, rarely a tree 4-7 m high, the type species of the genus Karagana. Forms stems up to 10-15 cm thick .

The leaves are alternate, petiolate, complex, consisting of five to eight pairs of opposite leaflets. The flowers are quite large, bisexual, moth-like, with a yellow corolla, in bundles of 2-5 pieces in the axils of the leaves. There are ten stamens in the flower, nine of them are fused into a tube, one is free. The nectar-bearing tissue is located at the bottom of the corolla. Blooms in late spring - early summer.

It grows in the forest zone along the banks of rivers, on sands and pebbles, on sparse forests and forest edges, on the slopes of ravines, on rocky slopes and rocks, less often comes across in the steppe region, adhering to its outskirts and choosing shady habitats. Propagated by seeds and cuttings.

Low-demand to soil conditions, a plant that tolerates drought and frost well. Does not tolerate waterlogged and swampy places. One plant lives for more than a hundred years. Light-loving, but tolerates mild shading.
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