Catalpa bignonioides 20 PCS fresh seeds, Southern Catalpa, Indian Bean Tree

Oreshka seeds
Catalpa bignonioid (lat. Catalpa bignonioides)

Catalpa bignoniform is a shrub or a wide tree up to 7 m tall, grows very quickly, the flowers are white, large, beautiful, the inflorescences are similar to those of a chestnut.

Prefers to grow along the banks of rivers. Its branches form a lush crown, and the leaves are similar to lilac leaves, only several times larger. The tree has fragrant white flowers with red specks, which form into inflorescences.

The tree blooms for about a month, and grows very quickly. After flowering, small fruits appear on the tree. These are a kind of boxes with small seeds. Very often in autumn the tree sheds its green leaves.

It has sufficient frost resistance and needs moist soil. The tree requires preparation for winter and it is best to wrap it with a protective material. The tree is ideal for single plantings along alleys or streets.
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