Kladrastis yellow 15 PCS fresh seeds, Cladrastis kentukea, Kentucky yellowwood, American yellowwood, Tree seeds

Oreshka seeds
Cladrastis kentuckii, or yellow (lat. Cladrastis kentukea).

A species of relict deciduous trees of the Legume family, native to the southeastern part of North America. Deciduous tree with a height of 10-20 m with a spherical crown shape and a trunk with a diameter of up to 1.5 m. The bark is gray, smooth, outwardly resembling the bark of a hornbeam or beech.

The leaves are alternately non-pinnate, with 5-11 leaflets, 20-30 cm long. The leaflets are oval, whole-edged, with a blunt-pointed apex and base. The apical leaflet is larger than the lateral ones. The leaves appear later than in many other trees, but a little earlier than in other legumes, such as maakia Amur, robinia pseudoacacia, when these plants are grown under the same conditions. In autumn, the leaves turn rich yellow, sometimes even acquiring a reddish hue.

White fragrant bisexual flowers of the moth type are collected in racemes or paniculate inflorescences 10-30 cm long . There is a small yellow spot at the base of the upper petal of the flower. Flowering occurs in summer and lasts about two weeks, the maximum intensity is manifested every two to three years.

The fruits are flat light brown beans 6-10 cm long with small elongated greenish-brown seeds.

The plant's lifespan is up to 200 years or more.
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