Saxaul zaisansky 20 PCS fresh seeds, Haloxylon ammodendron, saxaul, black saxaul, Tree seeds

Oreshka seeds
Saxaul zaisansky (Latin Haloxylon ammodendron).

A shrub or small tree up to 8 meters tall with a branched and strongly curved smooth trunk up to 1 meter in diameter. The branches are covered with thin long green shoots replacing the leaves. The latter are reduced to small scales.

The flowers are small, from pale pink to crimson, inconspicuous, sit in the axils of the scales; they consist of five free tepals, five stamens and one pistil with two to five stigmas.

There is one ovule in the ovary, which develops into a seed with a spirally curled embryo.

It is widely used as a sand barrier for roads and shores of reservoirs. Soil: sandy, sandy loam.

USDA Frost Resistance Zone: 7 (-18°C to -12°C).
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