Securinega suffruticosa 50+ PCS fresh seeds, Securinega ramiflora, Flueggea suffruticosa, Deciduous shrub, Garden decoration

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Securinega ramiflora, Securinega suffruticosa, Flueggea suffruticosa, Deciduous shrub, (lat. Securinega suffruticosa, Flueggea suffruticosa).

A sprawling dioecious shrub with numerous straight thin branches, up to 1.5—3 m high; a species of the genus Securinega. A spreading shrub reaching 1.5-2 m in height and about 3 cm in diameter at the base of the trunk.

The bark on the old branches is gray, the young shoots are light yellow. The leaves are small, alternate, whole, glabrous, short-stemmed, elliptical or oval in shape, light green, 1.5—7 cm long and 0.6—3.5 cm wide.

The flowers are unisexual, nondescript, green or yellow-green; male (pistillate) flowers are solitary, female (staminate) are arranged in bundles. Blooms in June - July. Honey plant. The flowers are well visited by bees, liberally secrete nectar, especially plants growing in open places.

The fruit is a three-nest box with six seeds. The seeds are smooth, blunt-triangular, with a thin skin, about 2 mm long. It bears fruit in September - October.

It grows on dry rocky slopes, usually at their base, on rocks, on old pebbles, more often in small groups or singly.

It is an excellent ornamental plant. Gardeners appreciate it for its delicate, like an openwork crown, for a good increase, as well as for a very picturesque autumn outfit. The cold forces the securinega to change the color of the leaves to an exquisite light yellow, and the fruit-boxes hanging on long pedicels in the depths of the crown, similar to earrings, give the plant a particularly elegant look.
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