Rhus typhina Dissecta 50 PCS fresh seeds, Staghorn sumac tree, Cutleaf staghorn sumac seeds, Reindeer sumac Dissecta, Fire fern sumach

Oreshka seeds
Downy sumac Dissecta, or staghorn sumac Dissecta, or vinegar tree (lat. Rhus typhina Dissecta).

Large shrub or small tree up to 4 m in height, width can reach 6 m.

The crown is spreading, umbrella-shaped. The branches are spreading, partially creeping, covered with an original woolly coating. Forms abundant root shoots.

The leaves are feathery, large, with a complex, lace-like pattern. In autumn they turn orange or dark red.

The flowers are small, yellowish, collected in apical panicles. Blooms in summer.

The fruits are brightly colored drupes.

Does not make any special demands on the soil, tolerates soil salinity. Loves well-lit places. Tolerates drought well. In harsh winters it freezes and takes the form of a bush.

The tree is beautiful during flowering and fruiting - panicles of dark red fruits appear at the ends of the branches. Stunning fall leaf colors. In landscape design it can be used for small gardens and planting in tubs.

USDA Hardiness Zone: 5 (-29°C to -23°C).
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