Quercus ilex 5 PCS fresh seeds acorns, Evergreen oak, Holly oak, Holm oak, Acorn seeds, Green oak tree seeds, Oak with acorns, Organic seeds

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Evergreen oak, Holly oak, Holm oak, Acorn seeds, Green oak tree seeds, Oak with acorns (lat. Quercus ilex).

Evergreen tree, a species of the genus Oak (Quercus) of the Beech family (Fagaceae). This species is included in the section of white oaks. It is an evergreen tree of medium height with smooth, dark gray bark, reaches a height of 20-25 meters, forming an ovoid or tent-shaped crown.

The buds are small, oval, with densely pubescent scales. The shoots are felt from a thick grayish pubescence.

Petioles are densely pubescent, 0.5-1.5 cm long. The leaves are different in shape, elliptical, oval, narrow-oval or broad-lanceolate, dense, leathery, shiny green above, completely or almost naked, grayish below and covered with thick down, sometimes partially or completely descending on fully developed leaves, rounded at the base, whole-edged or with few sharp teeth, which makes them prickly, 2.5-7.5 cm long, 1-3 (4) cm wide, on the lower branches of young trees they can grow up to 10 cm long. Old leaves fall off a year or two after the appearance of new ones.

Pistillate flowers and acorns 1-3 on short peduncles or almost sessile. Acorns are 2-3.5 cm long; the plusca up to½—½ length surrounds the acorn, its scales are narrow-lanceolate, almost flat, covered with thick, short pubescence. Blooms in spring, acorns ripen in 6 months. Acorns are edible.

Drought-resistant, the most frost-resistant of all evergreen oaks, the advantages include decorative and rapid growth.
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