Cotinus coggygria 10 PCS fresh seeds, Rhus cotinus, European & Eurasian smoketree, Smoke bush tree, Venetian sumach, Sumach, Organic seeds

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Rhus cotinus, European & Eurasian smoketree, Smoke bush tree, Venetian sumach, Sumach (lat. Cotinus coggygria)

Woody plant, a species of the genus Scumpia of the family Anacardiaceae. A large shrub or small tree, living for 100 years, height 10-12 m, usually 3-5 m.

The crown is spherical or umbrella-shaped, the shoots are bare, shiny, blushing from the illuminated side, the buds are wide-conical, the bark is thin, brown-brown in color, the root system is strongly branched.

The leaves are alternate, on petioles, simple, rounded or ovate, whole-edged, up to 10 cm long and up to 7 cm wide; the plates are naked from above, fluffy from below, the leaves appear in April, in November the leaves turn red and fall off.

Plants are monoecious, although there are also dioecious. The flowers are staminate or bisexual, small, yellowish- or greenish-white in color, five-membered, collected in spreading fluffy panicles 15-30 cm long, most of the inflorescence is composed of infertile flowers. Pedicels of underdeveloped flowers are numerous, after flowering they are greatly elongated and covered with long protruding reddish hairs, which makes the panicles fluffy and decorative. Pollinated by insects. Flowering in May - June.

The fruits are dry drupes of a kidney-shaped and greenish color, when ripe they acquire a brown hue and are covered with a network of longitudinal veins, the fruits ripen in August.

Propagation by seeds and vegetatively, gives an active root growth from the stump, in culture it is easily bred by cuttings, division of bushes, layering.

It is sun-loving, drought-resistant, does not tolerate excessive soil moisture, grows on dry rocky slopes, calcareous outcrops.
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