Spartium junceum 35 PCS fresh seeds, Spanish broom, Rush broom seeds, Weaver's broom, Yellow flowers, Deciduous shrub, Organic seeds

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Spanish broom, Rush broom, Weaver's broom, Rush broom seeds, Yellow flowers, Deciduous shrub (lat. Spartium junceum).

Erect, rod-shaped perennial shrub, a representative of the monotypic genus Broom (Lat. Spartium) of the Legume family (Fabaceae). A plant up to 2-3 (5) m tall with thin green leafless or almost leafless shoots turning brown in the third year.

The leaves are obovate or linear 1-2.5 cm long, bluish-green, sparsely hairy or almost naked, stiff, sessile or short-stemmed.

The flowers are bright yellow, fragrant, about 2.5 cm long, collected in inflorescences on the shoots of the current year, in the apical brush. Blooms in May-June, sometimes a second time in October. The fruit is a linear bean, fluffy 5-10 cm long, multi-seeded. The seeds are brownish, shiny.

A fast-growing shrub, very light-loving and drought-resistant. Freezes at minus 14-15 ° C, but quickly forms new shoots. It grows well on dry, steep, highly heated slopes. It has a well-developed root system with a deep-reaching main root. It comes into bloom early from 3-4 years, a good honey plant. Fragrant flowers are used to produce essential oil. Propagated by seeds and cuttings. It grows well near the seashore, does not suffer from sea spray.

A very decorative shrub, especially during the period of abundant and prolonged flowering with golden-yellow flowers. Suitable for decorating dry slopes, hedges.
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