Green grapes Husayn Kelin Barmak 5 PCS fresh seeds, Green Husain striped, Grape var. of ladies' fingers, Vitis, Grapevines, Fruit vine seeds

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Green grapes Husayn Kelin Barmak, Husain striped, Grape var. of ladies' fingers (lat. Vitis green Husayn Kelin Barmak)

Grapes are distinguished by a sweet and juicy pulp, crunching on the teeth. Thanks to this, the berries have a pleasant sweet and sour taste. But in the case of overripe berries become more bland.
They belong to medium-ripe, and in some regions to medium-late grape varieties. On average, its berries ripen within 140-150 days from the moment of budding.
White bushes belong to the strong-growing ones. The shoots grow quite quickly and reach 4-5 meters in adult plants. The vine is long, needs supports. The branches are covered with bright green leaves. The leaf plates are medium-sized, divided into 3 or 5 blades, covered with a small edge on the wrong side.
Long and large berries gave the growers a reason to call this variety "ladies ' fingers". The fruits grow up to 4 cm in length and 2.5 cm in width. The average weight of each berry is 5-7 grams. The peel of the grapes is thin and elastic, when ripe it is covered with a small waxy coating.
There are practically no bones in the berries. Or there are no more than a couple of pieces in one berry, and they are quite soft.
Up to 10 tons of product can be collected from one hectare of the territory. And a gardener can get about 10 kg from one bush.
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