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Red grapes Red Globe variety (lat. Vitis Red Globe)

A grape variety of late or medium-late fruit ripening. The root-related bushes are of low growth, but the grafted ones are distinguished by their tallness.
The variety has a high yield and an average level of frost resistance. Red Globe can withstand temperatures up to-21ºC. In the northern regions, insulation of vines and roots is required for the winter period.
A distinctive feature of the variety is large berries of a perfectly rounded shape. The color of the berries is varied – from pinkish to bright pink or brown. There is a small waxy coating inherent in dark grape varieties. The fruits darken during storage, while they do not lose their taste qualities and retain an aesthetic appearance.
Red Globe begins to bear fruit in the 3rd year after planting in the open ground. The ripening period lasts 140-155 days, depending on climatic conditions and soil quality. By the third year after the beginning of fruiting, the harvest reaches 30 bunches per season.
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