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Oreshka seeds
Red green grapes Rizamat variety (lat. Vitis Red green Rizamat)

Rizamat belongs to the table-raisin varieties and is considered an early-middle-ripening grape at home (the growing season is 135-140 days). In the conditions of the Russian climate, the maturation time is rather average — the second decade of September. The bushes have an average growth force. The shoots are long, light brown in color, with medium-sized slightly dissected leaves. They ripen well. The flowers are bisexual, so this variety can be grown without pollinating plants. Rizamat buds begin to bloom in the first half of May, flowering begins in late June-early July. The berries begin to ripen in the second half of August, you can use them fresh in the second or third decade of September.
Rizamat forms large, branching clusters, up to 17-18 cm long. The density of the brushes is average, the weight is 500-550 g (it can reach 800-1000 g, occasionally up to 3 kg). The cylindrical shape of the berries have very large dimensions: length 28-30 mm, width 19-20 mm, average weight 6.2 g, but can reach 14 g. The thin pink skin is covered with a not too thick waxy coating, the side of the berries at full maturity acquires a bright "blush". The pulp has a dense, crunchy consistency. There are 2-3 small seeds in each berry.
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