Succulent Lithops karasmontana v. mickbergensis C-168 10 PCS seeds, Lithops seeds, Succulent plant, Rare succulents, Living stones, Colorful faces, Exotic rock

Oreshka seeds
Succulent Lithops Lithops karasmontana v. mickbergensis C-168.

Inverted cone-shaped, divided into 2 unequal in size, fused and fused leaves. These leaves are modified for water storage as well as for photosynthesis. The face is elliptically kidney-shaped, 25-35 x 20-28 mm wide, usually wrinkled. The top is flat or slightly convex, the crack is quite deep, 4-10 mm long. The coloration is pale gray or bluish gray on the lower part and shoulders, the upper surface is beige, to orange-gray on flat hollow surfaces. Windows are often missing. The margins are fuzzy gray with various shades of orange-gray. Islands are often only vaguely visible. Dark dots are absent or very invisible.

The plant is renewed every year or so, releasing a new seedling from the gap between the two lobes. As soon as the new plant reaches full size, the old petals shrivel and peel off like a snake skin.

Flowers: Large, up to 4.5 cm in diameter (more often 25-35 mm), satin-white, narrow-beam.
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