Succulent Lithops verruculosa C-196 Seeds

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Succulent Lithops verruculosa C-196 Seeds

Dive into the world of Lithops verruculosa C-196, a distinct succulent variety recognized for its shiny red warts or pimples on its face. These seeds are organically sourced and promise a colorful addition to your garden or indoor space.

Why Choose Lithops verruculosa Seeds from

  • Organically sourced with high germination rates.
  • Perfect for succulent enthusiasts and gardeners.
  • Worldwide shipping available.

Care Tips for Growing Lithops verruculosa

Lithops, often referred to as 'Living Stones', are relatively easy to care for but require specific conditions. They thrive in sunlight, need minimal water, and should be planted in well-draining soil. Overwatering can harm them, so ensure the soil dries out between watering.

Benefits of Growing Lithops verruculosa

Lithops verruculosa is not just a beautiful plant but also a conversation starter. Its unique appearance, combined with its easy care, makes it a favorite among plant lovers.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How to plant lithops seeds? - Choose a well-draining soil mix, place the seeds on the surface, lightly press them in, water sparingly, and provide plenty of indirect sunlight.
  2. How long does it take for lithops to grow from seed? - With the right care, Lithops seeds can germinate in a few weeks. However, they grow slowly and might take years to mature fully.
  3. Are lithops hard to grow from seed? - Lithops have specific care needs. By adhering to these needs, they can grow and thrive beautifully.

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