Succulent Cactus Neoporteria atrispinosa KK-42 10 PCS seeds, Cactus seeds, Cactaceae seeds, Succulent plant, Rare succulents

Oreshka seeds
Succulent Cactus Neoporteria atrispinosa KK-42.

The gray-green, spherical or slightly cylindrical stem in diameter reaches only ten centimeters, although in natural conditions there are species up to one and a half meters in diameter. From ten to twenty well-defined ones are arranged straight or slightly in a spiral and are covered with tubercles. From five to twenty radial spines up to five centimeters long. The central thorns are up to sixteen, and they reach eight centimeters in length.

The color of the thorns varies from dark brown to red. Funnel-shaped flowers, up to six centimeters long and three centimeters in diameter, appear on the very top of the plant from young areoles. Pink in color.
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