Tobacco Dubek-44 300+ PCS fresh seeds, Nicotiana tabacum, Tobacco seeds for planting & growing, Organic seeds, Non GMO, Heirloom seeds

Oreshka seeds
Tobacco Dubeck-44.

Highly aromatic variety, especially on the Southern coast of Crimea. It is zoned in Crimea, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. The height of the bush is about 1.5 m . The period from planting to flowering is 73 days. The shape of the plant is cylindrical.

The leaf is sessile, the leaf plate is elliptical. The number of leaves is 32, the length of the leaf of the middle tier is 28.2 cm, the width is 15.9 cm. The yield of leaves from one plant is 18.7 g. In irrigated areas, the leaves of the plant increase.

The color of the dry leaf is yellow-brown. The nicotine content is 1.5%. The recommended landing scheme is 70 x 17cm or 50x10 cm.
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