Tobacco Herzegovina Flor 300+ PCS fresh seeds, Nicotiana tabacum, Tobacco seeds for planting & growing, Organic seeds, Non GMO, Heirloom seeds

Oreshka seeds
Tobacco Herzegovina Flor fresh seeds, Tobacco seeds for planting & growing, Organic seeds,Non GMO,Heirloom seeds (lat. Nicotiana tabacum).

A variety of sweet oriental large-leaved tobacco with a pleasant aroma. Herzegovina is not related to the variety type. The height of the bush is 1.5-1.7 m.

This is an oriental tobacco with moderate strength, pronounced sweetness, and absolutely unsurpassed taste.

Tobacco Herzegovina Flor, completely unpretentious. Seedlings are sown at the end of March. In May, young plants are planted in the open ground. The leaves are collected from July to October, determining their readiness by the presence of a light yellow border.
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